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Spring Fling Games

Eight bright educational iOS games to stimulate memory, concentration and cognitive skills in bright children aged 4-7 years old.

The 8 Spring Fling Games are:
• TICTACTOE: You can play against your device or against a friend
• THIMBLERIG: Find the ladybug with the blue trousers
• WHACK-A-TOON: You have to tap the monsters as they pop up – but make sure you get the right ones!
• BUNNY SAYS: Just like the classic ‘Simon Says’ game, springtime characters make sounds and your child has to repeat them in the same order.
• CONNECT FOUR: Play against either the computer or a friend.
• SLIDE PUZZLE: Put the pieces in the right order again. Choose 3×3, 5×3 or 5×4 puzzle pieces.
• BUBBLE SHOOTER: Sort the colored eggs to groups of at least 3 easter eggs
• COLOR-CODE: Find the hidden color code

While playing all these games in addition to having fun your children are developing and reinforcing all kinds of skills, including:
• An understanding of object permanence
• Spatial and bilateral awareness
• Logic and problem solving
• Persistence
• Independent play

And you don’t have to worry about your children playing independently with my apps because I take their privacy and online safety very seriously. My apps include:
• no links to websites outside the app
• no ads
• no data collection or tracking
• no social media sharing
• no in-app purchases

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