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Today I released my 9th App in 2015. It’s called Toby Tarsier’s Eye Fitness Workout.

I realized my eyesight was getting worse during the past months, due to the long hours spent in front of my computer monitor. My wife did some research, and found several exercises to help keep my eyes fit. That was the catalyst that set me to work on this app. I think Toby Tarsier’s Eye Fitness Workout will be a great help for everybody who stares at a computer screen for extended periods of time.


Toby Tarsier's Eye Fitness Workout


Toby Tarsier’s Eye Fitness Workout

Toby Tarsier’s Eye Fitness Workout is an effective training assistant for anyone whose work involves looking at screens for long times, causing tired and dry eyes.

Even a short 5 minute workout in the morning, at noon and night relaxes not only your eyes and eye muscles – it can help you maintain good eyesight and, with regular training, even improve it. The 14 exercises in the workout are beautifully illustrated and animated – in addition there are 7 small tasks that can benefit healthy eyesight.

The app is based on the method developed by Dr William Bates, which can help vision to improve naturally. With continuous training, irritations, such as burning, itchy, watery and red eyes, can soon become a thing of the past.

The special features of this app include:
• 14 animated exercises to relax the eye muscles and preserve healthy eyesight
• 7 small tasks for fit eyes
• Everyday tips for healthy eyes
• Information about healthy eating (for the eyes)
• A reminder for daily eye training – morning, noon and night
The Story of Toby Tarsier
• Toby Tarsier himself

Toby’s exercises are fun and take only a short time to complete. They can be done in the office, on the train or at home, on the couch, fitting easily into everyday life.