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MoMoMonster Memo: A fun double or triple matching memory game, with four different monster types. Learn numbers 1-10 and the alphabet with phonics, letter names or cool monster sounds.


MoMoMonster Memo: Ein lustiges Gedächtnistraining mit Monster-Paaren oder Monster-Tripeln in 4 Varianten. Lerne die Zahlen von 1-10 & das Alphabet mit Anlauten, Buchstabennamen oder Monstersounds


MoMoMonster Memo:

The idea for this wonderful app came from both of my children, Hannah and Lutz. They wanted to have a memory game that featured monsters, so here it is! To make this a really super special app, the two little ones have not only drawn their own monsters for it, but also created the fantastic sound effects.

… And they had one more very special wish: the triple mode ?

• There are four different monster memory games
– Lutzi’s monster
– Hanna’s monster
– The monster ABC
– Monster numbers (1-10)

• Two game types
– The classic memory game with pairs and
– a version with three of a kind

• For different difficulty levels (exact numbers vary depending on the device)
– Easy: 2 – 4 images
– Medium: 3 – 9 images
– Hard: 6 – 15 images
– Brutal: 15 images

• Games can be played with one or two players

• Hanna and Lutz each created the sounds for the monsters

• Monster ABC can be played with:
– monster sounds (spoken by the children)
– initial sounds (spoken by my wife) or
– letter names (also spoken by my wife).

• The monster numbers can be played with:
– monster sounds (spoken by the children) or
– numbers pronounce normally.

• Three languages are available
– German
– English
– Swedish